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Stephen B. Hulley, MD, MPH

Stephen B. Hulley, MD, MPH

Professor, Clinical Epidemiology
University of California, San Francisco
Phone: 415-514-8014
Fax: 415-514-8150
E-Mail: shulley@epi.ucsf.edu
Address: Suite 5700 185 Berry Street, San Francisco, CA 94107
Additional Websites: Training in Clinical Research

Dr. Hulley, chair of the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics 1994-2006, received his MD from Harvard Medical School and his MPH from the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley. He created a course in "Designing Clinical Research" at UCSF 25 years ago which now trains 120 fellows and medical school junior faculty each summer, and he is lead author of the widely used textbook of the same name (with 100,000 copies sold), now in its third edition (2007). Dr. Hulley created the NIH-funded UCSF Training in Clinical Research program at UCSF, with its 2-year master's degree, and leads the CTSA KL2 Career Development program that currently oversees 32 junior faculty with 3-5 year K awards.

A cardiovascular epidemiologist, Dr. Hulley chaired the Epidemiology Subcommittee of two National Cholesterol Education Program policy documents (NCEP I and II), and he led HERS, the first trial to reveal an increase in CHD events in women randomized to hormone treatment after menopause. He has held leadership roles in numerous other multicenter studies including MRFIT and Ms; has chaired the Steering Committee for the CARDIA cohort study of risk development in young adults for the past 20 years; and has recently embarked on VEST/PREDICTS, a 90-center trial and follow-up study of wearable and implanted cardiac defibrillators.

Research Interests

Selected Publications

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